A 15-year-old girl has been tasered while trying to reach for a police officer’s gun in north Queensland after he fell into a storm drain.

A teenage girl has been tasered after allegedly trying to grab a police officer’s gun in north Queensland.

Police say the 15-year-old jumped onto the male officer’s back and tried to strangle him after he fell into a storm drain while attending an incident in Deeragun, near Townsville, on Wednesday night.

“A struggle followed during which it will be alleged the girl scratched at the officer’s face and attempted to grab his firearm,” a police statement read.

“The officer deployed his Taser and was able to take the girl into custody.”

The officer was taken to Townsville Hospital with facial injuries.

The girl was also assessed at hospital, but didn’t have any visible injuries or suffer adverse effects from the taser, police said.

She’s been charged with seriously assaulting police causing bodily harm and will be dealt with under provisions of the Youth Justices Act.

Police in Townsville will provide further details about the incident later on Thursday.