Defence personnel have finished searching a Brisbane home where a huge stockpile of explosive chemicals was found last week.

Defence force personnel have finished searching a Brisbane property where a stockpile of explosive chemicals was found.

They were called in at the request of police, and spent part of Wednesday searching bushland around the Pullenvale home with what appeared to be metal detectors.

Sniffer dogs were also at the house on Wednesday, as police remain tight-lipped about the investigation.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he was not aware of any terrorist threat linked to the discovery.

The stockpile of highly explosive material was found last week, reportedly along with crudely-drawn maps detailing an area around Sydney’s busy Central station and another area in Newcastle.

Mr Abbott said he wasn’t aware of any threats to those sites, nor anything that would indicate a threat towards November’s G20 summit of world leaders in Brisbane.

“There are all sorts of people who do all sorts of weird and, at times, pretty dangerous things,” Mr Abbott told ABC Radio in Brisbane.

“But I haven’t been advised of any potential terrorist threat in respect of this particular issue.”

The prime minister lauded Queensland police for finding and disposing of the explosives, saying security during and in the lead up to G20 would be as “effective as it needs to be”.

Police have refused to confirm media reports that more than 50kg of explosive material was found at the home, including one known as DMDT, said to have been used in the bombings that targeted London’s transport network in 2005.

The material was disposed of in a series of controlled detonations last week.

A man who leased the property is now in custody in NSW on unrelated charges. But the whereabouts of a woman who also rented the house are not known.

The chemicals were discovered after the pair abandoned the property after falling behind in their rent.