Mr Palmer is lending his ears to Joe Hockey despite remaining unconvinced about the government’s budget strategy.

Clive Palmer is urging the government to reboot its economic strategy as he prepares for another budget pitch from Joe Hockey.

The treasurer is meeting the leader of the Palmer United Party in Queensland on Tuesday in another bid to win critical Senate crossbench votes.

But Mr Palmer says it’s clear the public has failed to warm to the budget in its current form, and the government may need to compromise.

He’s echoed calls from former Liberal treasurer Peter Costello urging the treasurer to “reboot the whole argument” on the budget and dump measures unlikely to pass the Senate.

“There’s a general consensus across the country that the budget is unfair … and needs to be revised to make it more acceptable to the community,” Mr Palmer told ABC radio on Tuesday.

Mr Palmer wants to see a reversal of the government’s budget strategy to aim for growth rather than expenditure cuts.

“We think there needs to be change,” he said.