A Gold Coast man appears to have taken to social media to deny any role in the death of a New Zealand woman who fell from his highrise balcony.

A man whose home unit was the site of a fatal balcony plunge has apparently taken to social media to deny involvement, saying his reputation is in tatters.

Gold Coast man Gable Tostee was questioned by police after a 26-year-old New Zealand woman fell from his Surfers Paradise apartment to her death early last Friday.

Warriena Tagpuno Wright reportedly met Mr Tostee on dating app Tinder.

A person purporting to be Mr Tostee has posted on an online forum denying any role in Ms Wright’s death.

The person, whose profile “G T” has been active since 2004, spoke of having picked up scores of girls before.

“I’ve been advised not to go into details but all I will say is that I absolutely did NOT cause this girl to fall and that I am devastated about what happened to her,” the person posted on a bodybuilding forum.

“Fact is I’ve taken home probably about 150 girls from clubs over the last few years.

“When you go out often to the same places and get drunk and talk to girls you’re bound to get noticed and hated on.”

The forum user also said: “My reputation has already been destroyed without me saying anything at all.”

Some earlier posts by G T complained about girls who visited him at his unit rejecting his advances.

Meanwhile police have seized security footage from Mr Tostee’s parent’s complex at Carrara in a bid find out exactly where he was when Ms Wright fell.

Mr Tostee’s neighbours reported hearing voices and noises before she plunged from the highrise about 2.20am on Friday.