Police are unsure whether the occupant of a Gold Coast unit where a woman fell to hear death was home at the time.

Neighbours heard voices and noises coming from a unit where a woman fell to her death on the Gold Coast.

The woman died after falling from a 13th floor apartment at Surfers Paradise about 2.20am on Friday.

Police say when they arrived the sole man who lived there wasn’t home.

Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson says they’re unsure whether he was there when the woman fell.

“That’s yet to be determined, we do have witnesses who say a disturbance was heard in the unit, but that’s as much as we can say,” he told reporters on Friday.

Det Supt Hutchison said “voices were heard and noises were heard coming from the unit”.

The man who lives at the unit was due to be interviewed by police on Friday afternoon.

The identity of the woman hasn’t been confirmed but police believe they know who she is.

Firefighters were also called to the same unit after reports of a gas leak about 15 minutes after the woman fell.

But Det Supt Hutchison said after air testing firefighters concluded there was no leak.