Gold Coast coach Guy McKenna says Etihad Stadium’s retractable roof should be left open from Monday to Friday and simply shut over the weekend.

Just like a high-street bank, Guy McKenna believes Etihad Stadium’s troublesome roof should simply be open all week and closed on the weekend.

Brisbane coach Justin Leppitsch and Melbourne counterpart Paul Roos both joined the debate over whether the retractable roof at the venue should be permanently closed or not following last weekend’s clash between the Lions and Demons.

Currently the AFL takes a flexible stance on the roof, leaving it open for some day games if weather conditions are fine but most coaches and broadcasters prefer to have the roof shut regardless.

Stadium bosses have claimed the playing surface at the venue would suffer if the roof was permanently closed, with the grass not receiving enough natural light to stay alive.

Gold Coast coach McKenna, who will take the Suns to Etihad for Saturday’s clash with Carlton, says with no teams using the stadium as a training venue there’s an obvious solution.

“From Monday to Friday, day, because there’s no Friday day games, that would be enough sun on that ground I would’ve thought to shut it,” he said.

“No-one trains on it from Monday to Friday, let’s be honest. If the roof’s shut, better spectacle, the grass can grow during the week, it’s better for everyone then.”