Despite Anthony Milford and possibly even Darius Boyd joining Ben Barba as competition, Josh Hoffman says he want to be Brisbane’s long-term fullback.

He’s ousted Ben Barba as Brisbane’s fullback, so Josh Hoffman isn’t about to give up the Broncos’ No.1 jersey any time soon.

The Broncos could have up to four recognised fullbacks in their squad for next season, with Canberra’s Anthony Milford heading to Red Hill and persistent rumours Darius Boyd will again link up with incoming coach Wayne Bennett.

But after regaining the fullback position with Barba’s switch to five-eighth, the New Zealand international says he wants to show Bennett over the final weeks of this season that Milford and company will need to play somewhere else on the field in 2014.

“It’s somewhere where I’d like to look at long term,” Hoffman said.

“I didn’t grow up playing (fullback), as I moved along in my career (coach) Anthony Griffin moulded me into that fullback role so I think it’s something I’d like to look at long term.”

Barba’s big-name arrival at the start of the year forced Hoffman into the halves at five-eighth, where he played 15 games next to halfback Ben Hunt before Barba’s indifferent form forced a change.

Hoffman revealed he never entirely settled at No.6 and was happy to be out of the role.

“I feel a lot more freedom at the back,” he said.

“I’m enjoying my time there.

“Playing five-eighth, there’s a lot more pressure on myself to do that job. Now wearing that No.1 jersey, I feel a lot more freedom and a lot of the pressure is taken off my back.”