Queenslanders who’ve failed to pay their fines could be forced to do community service under a bold plan to recover the money.

Queenslanders who owe the state more than $5000 in unpaid debts could be ordered to do community service.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls says the State Penalties Enforcement Registry is on a new push aimed at people with the highest debts, and the largest number of debts.

He says the registry can currently seize and sell property and vehicles to recoup debts, but it’s looking at a range of other options.

They include suspending debtors’ vehicle registrations and slapping them with community service orders.

“These reforms, we believe, will reduce the outstanding debt and will also send a clear message to the community that enough is enough when it comes to debtors who have the financial capacity to pay their fines but choose not to do so,” Mr Nicholls told parliament.

The treasurer said there were currently 1700 debtors who had a single debt of more than $5000, and 25,000 debtors who had 20 or more debts amounting to more than $5000.