A former Queensland bikie boss who renounced his membership has been granted bail while facing extortion charges.

A former Queensland bikie boss has been granted bail after allegedly trying to extort money from a group of men.

Adam Christopher White, who was once president of the Bandidos’ Gold Coast chapter, was arrested last week. He was allegedly called in as an enforcer after one of his friends was hurt in a fight over a woman.

White, 26, Christopher Bougoure, 22, and Jonathan Patrick Davies, 22, allegedly threatened four men with violence unless they paid substantial “fines” to compensate for injuring Bougoure.

On Friday, White’s bail hearing in the Brisbane Supreme Court heard that according to one version of events, Bougoure had been bashed with a baseball bat.

White, Bougoure and Davies allegedly demanded $1000 fines from each of the other men.

Bougoure was released on bail on Thursday.

In granting White’s bail, Justice Peter Applegarth’s conditions included a $5000 undertaking and that White attend anger-management counselling.