Gerard Baden-Clay’s ex-lover Toni McHugh says she feels sorry for Allison but not responsible for her murder.

Toni McHugh, long-term mistress of wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay, says she’s become Australia’s Monica Lewinski.

Comparing herself with one-time paramour of former US president Bill Clinton, Ms McHugh has told The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine she plans to write a book about her experience.

“I’m still coping with the damage, emotionally and financially,” she said in what’s believed to be another paid interview.

“I lost my job, which I loved, and which I was good at. And sometimes I feel like I’m Australia’s Monica Lewinski – like, what man is ever going to want to come near me? So I have suffered, too.”

The real estate agent told the magazine she felt sorry for Allison.

“I’m so sorry that her life has been so painful … no woman should have to go through those feelings of inadequacy that she was feeling,” she told associate editor Caroline Overington.

“I can’t be held personally responsible.

“I know that if it wasn’t me, it would have been another woman.

“The marriage problems were pre-existing well before I became a part of Gerard’s life.”

Asked if she felt the murder happened because of her, she said: “No. It didn’t happen because of me.”

Ms McHugh and Baden-Clay’s three-and-half year affair began when he was her boss at a Brisbane real estate agency in August 2008.

A jury found Baden-Clay guilty on July 15 of killing Allison and dumping her body under a bridge 13 kilometres from their Brisbane home two years ago.

Ms McHugh said she had once dreamt of a life with Baden-Clay and arranging shared custody of his children.

“The future I was planning with Gerard, it actually included them,” she said.

“It included Allison. I thought we would all get to the point where we all, you know, shared custody, like adults and got on.”

Ms McHugh was reportedly paid more than $200,000 for an interview with Channel 9’s 60 Minutes program aired after Baden-Clay’s guilty verdict.

She will feature in the August issue of the Women’s Weekly due later this week.