Police have recovered two luxury caravans allegedly stolen by a dreadlocks wig-wearing man in Victoria, and a man has been charged.

Police say they have cracked the case of a dreadlocks wig-wearing man accused of stealing luxury caravans in Victoria.

They have charged a Queensland man after two stolen caravans were found at a property in Sunbury, outside of Melbourne, about 8.30pm on Wednesday.

The caravans were stolen on July 4 and July 10, prompting police to issue an alert for a man who was hooking up his four-wheel-drive to parked caravans and driving off.

The suspect appeared to have a penchant for wigs, including a reggae-style beanie with brown dreadlocks.

Jonny Jovic, aged 35 from Scarborough, will appear in a Broadmeadows court on Thursday to answer charges of stealing two caravans and attempting to steal a further two caravans.