Queensland detectives have set up a crime scene and are speaking to a woman in relation to a burnt torso found near Gympie last year.

A Sunshine Coast home has been turned into a crime scene and detectives are speaking to a woman in relation to the discovery of a charred torso almost a year ago.

The headless remains, with arms severed at the elbows and nothing left below the rib cage, were found at Cedar Point, near Gympie, last September.

On Thursday, police said they had identified the torso as that of a 66-year-old man from Tanawha on the Sunshine Coast. Detectives were able to identify the man through medication found in his system.

“As a consequence of that we’ve declared a crime scene at a Main Creek Road, Tanawha, address today,” Detective Inspector Bruce McNab told reporters.

The man’s name has not been released.

Det McNab said a 57-year-old woman was assisting with inquiries but no charges had been laid.

The man and woman both lived at the Tanawha house but police wouldn’t confirm the nature of their relationship.

On Wednesday police made a public appeal for information about an orange, gold or bronze coloured hatchback spotted near Cedar Point on the day the torso was discovered.

They said a middle-aged Caucasian woman of medium build with blonde or brown hair was believed to have been driving the car.