An inquiry into the Queensland government would be timed to report back to parliament before the next state election under a Palmer United Party proposal.

Details have emerged of a Palmer United Party-proposed inquiry into the Queensland government, including that it be overseen by a Labor majority.

Party leader and federal MP Clive Palmer has long flagged the inquiry amid a public feud with Liberal National Queensland premier Campbell Newman.

In a three-page document signed by PUP senator Glenn Lazarus and published by Sky News, the party signals an intention to move on Thursday the establishment of the Select Committee on Certain Aspects of Queensland Government Administration.

Under the PUP proposal the committee would consist of eight senators: two Liberal, three Labor, one Green, one PUP and Ricky Muir from the Motoring Enthusiast Party, with a Labor-nominated chair.

It would investigate various aspects of government since Mr Newman came to power in March 2012, including appropriation of commonwealth funds, operation of the judicial system, administration of prisons, the appointment of senior officials and possible conflicts of interest.

Plans for the inquiry have emerged just before Saturday’s Stafford by-election, which will be contested by the LNP, Labor, the Australian Greens and Family First Party but not the PUP.

The proposed inquiry will present its final report by April 2015, with the next Queensland state election to be held no later than mid-June the same year.

The PUP will have to secure Labor support in the upper house for the inquiry to go ahead.