LNP president Bruce McIver says party members must help sell the achievements of Campbell Newman’s government ahead of next year’s election.

Queensland’s Liberal National Party president has called on members to help the Newman government sell its achievements ahead of next year’s election.

Mr McIver has addressed the party’s annual state conference in Brisbane, saying the government had made some extraordinary progress in its first two years of office.

But he said the LNP needs the help of members to make sure voters know what a vastly better position the state is now in, on the jobs front, on the economic front, and when it comes to frontline services such as health and education.

Two recent polls have shown the LNP is likely to lose next year’s state election.

Last month, Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said the government was hurting, arguably because its reform agenda had been “too much, too quick” and the government must work to better explain why this was necessary.

Mr McIver told the conference the party’s grassroots members must help do that.

“We don’t have unionists all around Queensland. We have party members, ordinary rank and file Queenslanders, who go back to their communities,” he said.

He said those members must help spread the “good word” about all the things the government had done, and urged them to maintain their faith in their parliamentary leaders.

Mr McIver later told reporters the Newman government had made some tough decisions.

“When you make tough decisions that have to be made, sometimes they are misunderstood or they are not correctly understood,” he said.

But he said the benefits and understanding of those policies would eventuate.

“We are seeing that already with the jobs created in Queensland in the last 12 months, the turn around in the finances,” he said.

Earlier he told Fairfax radio the party always kept “half an eye” on the polls, but elections were won on election day.

Asked about the recent polls putting the LNP behind Labor, he said: “Perhaps we’re not as good as Labor at spin.”

He said Premier Campbell Newman had the complete support of the party and was a strong leader with a well defined plan for the state.

When asked about any backbenchers who’d approached him about the way the government was conducting itself, he said: “What happens internally in the party stays in the party”.

“We are focused on supporting Campbell and his team and that’s what we have to do.”

Mr McIver also suggested the LNP was unlikely to win the upcoming Stafford by-election.

“Governments don’t win by-elections. They are an opportunity for people to have a swipe,” he said.

“If we can run a credible race there, I’ll think we’ll do very well. If we can win it, all the better.”