The LNP and Labor have begun talking down the local connections of each others candidates in the upcoming Stafford by-election.

Queensland’s two major political parties are accusing each other of running candidates who don’t live in the Stafford electorate at the upcoming by-election.

The state government is widely expected to lose the northern Brisbane seat to Labor in the July 19 poll, sparked by the resignation of outspoken former assistant health minister Chris Davis.

Premier Campbell Newman told reporters that Labor’s candidate Anthony Lynham was not a local while he was out on the hustings for his own candidate Bob Anderson on Wednesday morning.

“Anthony Lynham lives 24 kilometres on the other side of town, isn’t a local, has not been prepared to give up his medical practice if he becomes the local member,” Mr Newman said.

Mr Lynham said he had moved to the suburb of Stafford, which is at the heart of the electorate, about two weeks ago.

“I live in the suburb of Stafford with my wife Pam, well and truly within the electorate of Stafford,” he said.

“Suggesting otherwise is deliberately deceptive and plain wrong.”

The facial surgeon, who is considered the frontrunner despite the LNP’s seven per cent margin, said Mr Anderson didn’t even live in the electorate.

The LNP said Mr Anderson lived just outside the Stafford boundary.