American Matt Guthmiller, 19, flew into Brisbane on Saturday as he attempts to break the world record to be the youngest person to fly around the globe.

A teenager who is trying to become the youngest person to fly around the world solo has touched down in Brisbane.

Matt Guthmiller, 19, is more than halfway through the 46,000 kilometre circumnavigation and is cutting it fine to break the current Guinness world record holder, Australian Ryan Campbell.

Campbell was 19 years, seven months and 25 days old when he completed his feat a year ago; Guthmiller will be that age on July 24.

“Setting a record is exciting, but records are made to be broken,” Mr Guthmiller said.

“My real goal is to inspire other young people to attempt things of a similar magnitude.”

The love of flying began early.

As an only child in South Dakota, Mr Guthmiller hung out at the airport and spent hours on flight simulator games.

He switched to the real thing three years ago and has 500 flying hours under his belt.

The idea to travel the globe came when he stumbled across an internet article about Californian Jack Wiegand, who achieved the same feat at the age of 21.

Family and friends didn’t take him seriously until he began planning.

Brisbane was Mr Guthmiller’s 15th stopover.

A little worn out from the 10-hour flight from Darwin, the teen was relieved to be in Australia.

“I’ve been doing a lot more flying than sleeping,” he told AAP.

“It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work.”

“It’s going great, everything is going smoothly so far, more or less.”

He’s counting down the four flights and two countries left to reach the United States, where the record-breaking mission began on May 31.

The 23-leg odyssey across 14 countries will raise $250,000 for young people to study computer science. Mr Guthmiller is a computer science and electrical engineering university student.

He sets off for Fiji on Sunday.