Bomb disposal experts were called to a Brisbane motel on Friday after a tip off led to a haul of commercial fireworks, a taser, drugs and other items.

Police are trying to determine the motives of four people found with commercial-grade fireworks and drugs in a Brisbane motel room.

Officers were tipped off about 2.30pm on Friday and raided the Windsor International Motel, north of the CBD.

Inside a suitcase found on one of the beds was a brown paper bag that contained a “fist-sized ball”, numerous wires and a mobile phone.

Police declared an emergency situation and closed the motel and nearby streets for several hours.

Army bomb disposal experts were called in to remove the suspicious devices, which have been transported to the mine inspectorate for investigation.

A taser, a military-grade smoke canister, numerous mobile phones and four commercial grade fireworks, one large and three small, were found.

“Even though they are fireworks, they certainly pose danger to the people nearby,” Inspector Rob Graham said at the scene.

“The large one would certainly be capable of causing death and destruction in the vicinity of the person.

“The smaller ones were certainly capable of blowing someone’s arm off.”

Speed, amphetamines and marijuana were also found in the room.

Two men and two women, all from Brisbane, have been charged with drug offences, but are yet to be charged over the explosives.

They have not been detained and are due to appear in the Brisbane magistrates court at a later date.

Inspector Graham said police are yet to determine the group’s purpose but they appeared to be working alone.

“We tried to get them to tell us what the items were, but certainly they were not forthcoming,” he said.

“There is no indication to suggest they are part of a larger syndicate.

“None of the explosive items were wired up.”