The Kulkalgal people have been given exclusive rights and interests over an uninhabited island in the Torres Strait after a native title ruling.

The Kulkalgal people have won native title rights to the uninhabited island of Zuizin in the Torres Strait.

Sitting in the Thursday Island Magistrates Court, the Federal Court approved a consent determination on Thursday giving the Kulkalgal people exclusive rights and interests over the island.

The decision means there are now 22 native title determinations in the Torres Strait region, north of Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula.

Torres Strait Regional Authority chairman Joseph Elu, whose organisation legally represented the Kulkalgal people, described the decision as another important milestone.

“This comes just weeks after Mabo Day 2014 where we celebrated the High Court’s historic decision in 1992, which inspired Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals to fight for Native Title rights,” he said.

Mr Elu said his office had negotiated more than 55 indigenous land use agreements in the Torres Straits.

He said he expected all native title matters in the region to be finalised by the end of 2015.