Police are looking for those responsible for torching a car, mutilating a cat and using its blood to write a threatening message outside a Gold Coast home.

Cat blood has been used to scrawl a threatening message on a Gold Coast garage door before the animal’s mutilated and decapitated body was dumped on the front door step.

The residents of an Arundel home awoke early Tuesday morning to see a car on fire in their front yard.

But after going outside to investigate an even more horrific sight emerged – a cat’s head and mutilated body on their doorstep and a bloodied message on their garage door.

“Whers my money? Tik tok (sic),” it read.

Detective acting Inspector Greg Aubort said the occupants were disturbed by the message.

However, he would not say whether they had an idea who was responsible or if there were likely to be organised crime links.

“We’re interviewing the occupants and looking for motives of any persons of interest that might be involved,” he told AAP.

Insp Aubort said given the nature of the incident, police were eager to catch the culprits as soon as possible.

“It’s an abhorrent attack on an animal,” he said.

“I think any case where you have the intentional killing or maiming of an animal is a disgusting act and we’ll certainly be looking to prosecute those responsible to full extent of the law.”

Insp Aubort said the cat did not belong to the victims, but it did look domesticated.

Police were trying to determine who it belonged to, he said.

Officers were called to the address after neighbours heard an explosion and saw the car on fire.

Residents could be seen on Tuesday morning scrubbing the message off the garage door.

No one was injured in the incident.

RSPCA Queensland has offered a $5000 reward to help catch those responsible for the incident.

“They cannot get away with this,” CEO Mark Townend said.

“This is one of the worst acts of animal cruelty that the RSPCA has seen.”

Mr Townend said he feared the offender would strike again.

“It’s a stepping stone to violence against people,” he said.