The rollout of the NBN is continuing, with another 44,000 homes and businesses set to receive fast broadband.

Almost 45,000 more homes and businesses across Australia are set to get fast broadband under the NBN rollout.

The fixed and fibre wireless network will be rolled out across 26 regions in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and and Western Australia, adding to almost 200,000 home and business owners already connected.

Some of the areas set to receive it include Greater Sydney, Greater Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast, Greater Perth and Greater Adelaide.

NBN Co spokeswoman Lalla Mackenzie said the move means thousands more people are now a step closer to receiving fast, reliable and affordable broadband.

“The NBN can open up opportunities for families and business owners to better participate in the digital economy,” she said.

“For many farms, homes and businesses in rural and regional areas, the rollout of the NBN will provide access to internet speeds and bandwidth that many in the big cities take for granted.”

The NBN is replacing most of the traditional landline networks for phone and internet services.

It takes an average 12 months from the start of construction until residents and businesses can access services through the NBN from phone and internet providers.