Queensland’s science minister says criticism of Chief Magistrate Tim Carmody’s appointment to chief justice has got to stop.

A Queensland government minister has lashed out at critics of Chief Magistrate Tim Carmody’s appointment to chief justice, saying they should “shut up”.

Science Minister Ian Walker, a former lawyer, says the “war of words” over Mr Carmody’s promotion to chief justice of Queensland has got to stop.

“People have got to put a sock in it, they’ve got to shut up, and they’ve got to let Justice Carmody get on with the job,” he told reporters in Brisbane on Sunday.

“He deserves a fair go at the job, the debate should stop and Justice Carmody should be allowed to get on with the job that he’s been appointed to do.”

Mr Walker’s comments follow calls for Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie to step down over the appointment, which has caused great unrest in legal circles.

Bar Association of Queensland president Peter Davis quit on Friday saying private discussions with Mr Bleijie in which he didn’t recommend Mr Carmody for the job were leaked to others, including Mr Carmody.

Australian Bar Association president Mark Livesey said it was accepted practice that consultation before any appointment is kept confidential.

“The Attorney-General of Queensland must consider whether the breakdown in trust can be repaired,” Mr Livesey told The Sunday Mail.

“If confidentiality in the judicial appointment process cannot be assured he must reconsider whether he can continue in his position.”

State Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said Mr Bleijie couldn’t be trusted and wasn’t fit to hold office.

Mr Carmody’s appointment has been criticised by senior Queensland legal figures who question his experience and say he’s too close to the government.

It’s been revealed that days after Mr Carmody was appointed chief magistrate in September 2013, he and Mr Bleijie had a private dinner at an upmarket Brisbane restaurant.

The attorney-general has described the meeting as a social catch-up.