The richest one per cent of Australians now own the same wealth as the bottom 60 per cent, Oxfam Australia says.

Australia’s richest people have as much money as the bottom 60 per cent of the country’s population, new data shows.

Its nine wealthiest individuals collectively have a net worth of $58.6 billion – eclipsing that of 4.54 million people in the bottom, Oxfam Australia says.

And Australians aren’t happy with those figures, with 70 per cent of those surveyed by the aid organisation saying it’s unfair that a rich minority own more than the nation’s poorest.

Even more said the ultra-rich did not pay enough tax.

Oxfam chief executive Helen Szoke said the numbers showed there was a growing wealth gap in the “lucky country”.

The data is released in the lead-up to the G20 leader’s summit in Brisbane in November, and Dr Szoke called on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to put inequality on the agenda.

“The gap between rich and poor is growing and making the world a worse place to live,” she said in a statement.