Progressive activist group GetUp! has staged a media appearance with MPs from Katters Australian Party, which once ran homophobic ads.

Politics makes strange bed fellows, especially when it involves progressive activist group GetUp! and Katter’s Australian Party.

Two years ago, GetUp! condemned the socially conservative party for airing homophobic Queensland election campaign ads featuring pixellated images of two male lovers.

But on Thursday, GetUp! staged a joint appearance outside Parliament House, in Brisbane, with the Katter party’s three Queensland MPs Rob Katter, Ray Hopper and Shane Knuth.

GetUp! campaigner Josh Genner said they were uniting to criticise the Queensland government’s new donation laws but declined to comment on the 2012 Katter party ads.

“There are some things that are above politics, there are some things that are above ideology,” he told AAP.

The Palmer United Party’s Queensland leader Alex Douglas and independent Peter Wellington, both former National Party members, also appeared.