RACQ has issued a warning to parents after its crews had to rescue more than 200 babies and toddlers from locked cars in Queensland in one month.

More than 200 babies and toddlers had to be rescued from locked cars in Queensland last month, a motoring body says.

That brings the average rescues to more than six a day during May.

RACQ says it crews were called out to make 16 rescues during a single day.

Spokeswoman Lauren Ritchie says the concerning trend should serve as a reminder to parents of the dangers of accidentally locking their babies or toddlers in a vehicle.

“Usually RACQ rescues an average of three babies every day in Queensland, so it’s alarming to see those figures more than double,” Ms Richie says.

“Even now during the winter months, it’s never safe to leave a child alone in a vehicle for any period of time.”

Ms Ritchie said RACQ tests revealed a car’s internal temperature could reach 40C in as little as seven minutes.

She said parents should be careful around new car technology and never let children play with keys or be in an unattended vehicle.