The Queensland opposition says ordinary people have been left in the cold by a budget too focused on selling assets.

Queensland’s opposition says the government’s worst-kept secret has finally been confirmed in a third budget of broken promises.

Opposition treasury spokesman Curtis Pitt says the government has focused too much on selling assets and not enough on growing the state’s economy, to the detriment of Queenslanders.

“This government is a government that has talked long about asset sales,” he told reporters.

“Of course that has been the worst-kept secret. Now it has been confirmed in this budget.

“What we know is that this government is all about a plan they had from the start to sell assets, not a plan to create a stronger community in Queensland.”

Mr Pitt said there were thousands more unemployed under the LNP than under Labor, and the budget confirmed the government wouldn’t even get close to reaching its promised four per cent unemployment target.

He said the infrastructure fund was all about the government winning seats at the next election.

There was also little in the budget for everyday Queenslanders, while pensioners would be worse off under cuts to concessions, he added.

Mr Pitt said Treasurer Tim Nicholls had lied to Queenslanders when he said there were no new taxes in this budget, because there had been tax increases, which the opposition would outline in detail soon.

Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk will deliver her budget reply on Thursday.