Police are looking for a Queensland State of Origin fan who allegedly punched a couple after they asked him to stop urinating on their front lawn.

An angry Queensland supporter has allegedly beaten up an innocent couple who tried to stop him peeing on their property after Wednesday night’s State of Origin game.

Police say the husband and wife caught the man urinating on the front lawn of their Petrie Terrace home, near Suncorp Stadium, following Queensland’s 12-8 loss to NSW.

The assailant was with three other men when the husband, 50, tried to get them to leave.

The Maroons supporter allegedly punched him in the head before his friends joined in bashing him.

His wife, 52, tried to push the intruders away with a broom, but the suspect pushed her against a vehicle and punched her in the face before running away.

The couple were both bruised and the husband was taken to the Mater Hospital for further treatment.

Police say the suspect was in his early 20s, about 182cm tall, of a solid build and with brown, spiky hair.

He was wearing a Queensland Maroons T-shirt without a collar.

The couple’s son said the incident should spark a crackdown on drunken spectators leaving the stadium.

“The residents around Suncorp Stadium aren’t willing to take this level of abuse,” the son, who was not named, told ABC radio.

“Whether it’s someone urinating on your property or someone yelling abuse at you or someone punching your parents.”

Inspector Peter Aitken said police had a visible presence around the stadium, but it was a challenge controlling everyone in a 50,000-plus crowd that left a big game at the same time.

“There obviously is always going to be some small pockets of behaviour which is totally unacceptable,” he said.