Coalition MP Teresa Gambaro will showcase emerging artists from her home state of Queensland in her parliamentary office.

A mysterious face stares across Teresa Gambaro’s parliamentary office, looming out of a canvas covered in crosshatches.

The character, drawn by Vernon Ah Kee, will greet visitors to the Liberal MP’s digs in Parliament House until September as part of her “shamelessly parochial” bid to promote Queensland artists.

Tired of seeing the same artworks from the official collection, Ms Gambaro approached the Institute of Modern Art in her Brisbane electorate.

The result is Officework in Canberra, an exhibition that showcases modern and emerging artists with works changing about every four months.

As the chairwoman of the foreign affairs committee, Ms Gambaro often hosts national and international visitors, who will now get a taste of Queensland’s artistic offerings.

The first six works on show have already been a big talking point, her spokesman told AAP.

Ms Gambaro hopes to inspire other politicians to host similar office art exhibitions.

Officework in Canberra will officially open in mid-July.