The Queensland government has decided that cyclists must continue to wear helmets, despite a report recommending such laws be scrapped.

Queensland cyclists will have to continue wearing helmets, despite a report saying they shouldn’t.

The state government will soon table its response to a report into competing interests of cyclists and motorists.

The committee that wrote the report, released in November, said there was insufficient evidence about safety benefits to justify the law requiring riders to always wear helmets.

But Transport Minister Scott Emerson says helmet laws won’t be scrapped.

“The decision to keep helmet laws the same is based on scientific evidence that clearly supports the effectiveness of helmets in reducing head injuries,” he said.

“While I agree with freedom of choice, it is not in the public interest to introduce a trial that may increase any risk of head injuries to cyclists.”

Mr Emerson said the government would support 50 out of 68 recommendations in the report.

However, he ruled out a registration fee for cyclists, saying it would deter people from riding bikes.

Mr Emerson also said cyclists shouldn’t be able to merely slow down at stop signs, rather than coming to a halt, when it’s safe.

The government implemented nine recommendations from the inquiry last month, including a two-year trial of a rule where cars have to give riders a one-metre buffer zone and bringing fines for cyclists into line with motorists.

The Amy Gillett Foundation, which campaigns on cycling safety issues, supports compulsory helmets and the one-metre trial.