Queensland prop Nate Myles can now see the funny side of his infamous State of Origin “fight” with NSW captain Paul Gallen.

These days Queensland prop Nate Myles can see the funny side of his now infamous State of Origin “fight” with NSW captain Paul Gallen.

And thanks to an NRL-backed TV ad campaign so can a whole lot of other people.

Gallen’s barrage of blows on an unsuspecting Myles in the 2013 Origin opener infuriated most north of the Tweed and prompted the NRL to activate the “one punch” sin bin rule.

However, Myles hardly came out swinging on Sunday when reminded of what Queensland believed was Gallen’s latest low act – calling Maroons fans “two heads”.

“I have probably got enough for two heads – he (Gallen) might need four hits,” he smiled.

Any lingering animosity between the pair was put to bed at the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

The evidence is there for all to see in a TV ad in which the pair square off again, this time to encourage people to seek help for mental health issues.

The NRL-backed “What’s Your State of Mind” campaign is aimed at breaking down stigmas around mental health and reminding people that it’s okay to seek help.

In the amusing commercial, Myles and Gallen – decked out in full Origin kit – awkwardly address each other without mentioning the elephant in the room before Myles tries to break the ice.

“Gal, any idea why we are standing in the middle of a car park dressed like this,” Myles asks.

“No, but it’s good to chat with you anyway. How’s footy?,” Gallen says.

“Good,” Myles says before another uncomfortable silence.