Queensland MP Carl Judge is fighting for a ban of 3D printed plastic guns, saying lawmakers need to keep pace with technology.

A Queensland MP wants to make it illegal for people to use new technology to make their own guns at home.

In a first of its kind, Yeerongpilly MP Carl Judge on Thursday introduced into state parliament an amendment to the Weapons Act to outlaw the use or creation of 3D printed firearms without a licence.

In 2013, a US defence group made a plastic gun, called The Liberator, with a 3D printer and successfully fired it before uploading its files online, which were downloaded more than 100,000 times.

NSW police have since used the files to make a working copy of the gun with a 3D printer.

Mr Judge, from the Palmer United Party, said the amendment was needed to keep up with technological advances.

“There is a very real and significant risk to our community because it is now possible and affordable to actually print a physical and operative firearm,” Mr Judge said.

“Unauthorised activities of this kind must therefore be considered as a crime and dealt with fittingly.

“Our laws must keep pace with technology to effectively protect our community and for major events like the G20.”