Federal MP Clive Palmer says he’ll push for a senate inquiry into the actions of the Queensland government, but denies it’s about politics.

Federal MP Clive Palmer says he’ll use his influence in the Senate to push for an investigation into the Queensland government.

The multimillionaire MP, whose Palmer United Party (PUP) will hold the balance of power in the federal Senate come July, has renewed his attack on the Newman government in a wide-ranging speech.

Mr Palmer criticised the government for its anti-bikie legislation, exaggerating state debt, privatisation plans and the watering down of the state’s Crime and Misconduct Commission, labelling it a “Newman Gestapo”.

“I am calling today for the establishment by the Australian senate – and I’m sure they’ll do it after July – of a select committee to carry out a comprehensive and detailed investigation into the activities of the Newman government,” he told a Queensland Media Club lunch in Brisbane on Monday.

Mr Palmer said the committee would conduct public hearings in every major Queensland centre.

But despite having sitting PUP MPs in state parliament and planning to stand more candidates at the next Queensland election, Mr Palmer insisted an inquiry push was not about politics.

“It’s for people to come forward in Queensland and give some information they feel they can present in a protected scenario that they may fear doing today,” he said.

Mr Palmer also criticised the federal budget, using an abstract cartoon to get his point across.

It showed Prime Minister Tony Abbott dressed in a surgery gown removing a patient’s heart.

Treasurer Joe Hockey could be seen ashing a cigar on the heart and on a pensioner’s head.

“Tony, it’s a big surprise, all your promises were lies,” a backing track sang.

Mr Palmer said the Abbott government had lied about a debt crisis for political gain.