Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has warned Clive Palmer that with great power comes great responsibility.

Federal frontbencher Barnaby Joyce has branded Clive Palmer’s political party a cult.

The Palmer United Party will wield considerable cross-bench clout when the Senate changes in July, and its votes will be critical to the government to pass controversial elements of the budget.

Mr Joyce has warned Mr Palmer that with great power comes great responsibility.

He’s hoping Mr Palmer does not turn Australia upside down.

“I’ve always been concerned about parties that are named after people – Palmer United Party, Katter Australia Party, Pauline Hanson, whatever, One Nation Party,” he told reporters in Brisbane.

“They’re not so much philosophies, they’re cults.”

Mr Palmer laughed off the suggestion, saying he never wanted the party to be named after him in the first place.

He said it had initially been named as the United Australia Party, but the name was too similar to a party that had already been registered – the Uniting Australia Party.

“The brand went out as Palmer United and has stayed there ever since,” he told a Queensland Media Club lunch in Brisbane on Monday.

“At some stage the party will go back to its original name, I believe.”