A Fairfax-Nielsen poll and a Newspoll published in The Australian, were taken last week, with both suggesting a massive hit to the coalition.

Support for Tony Abbott’s coalition has plunged as Australian voters react to a widely unpopular budget, two opinion polls show.

A Newspoll, published in The Australian, and a Fairfax-Nielsen poll were taken last week, with both suggesting a massive hit to the coalition after a budget that’s been criticised for being too harsh.

The polls’ findings suggest there is voter anger over the government’s $80 billion of cuts to schools and hospitals over the next 10 years, as well as harsh treatment of low-income families and broken promises.

The coalition’s primary vote dipped two percentage points to 36 per cent, compared to Labor’s 38 per cent, Newspoll shows.

That’s the coalition’s worst standing since Tony Abbott won the Liberal leadership in December 2009, and the ALP’s best result in four months with a rise of four points.

On a two-party preferred basis Newspoll gives the ALP a 10-point lead – 55 to 45 per cent – and has Labor Leader Bill Shorten leading Mr Abbott by 10 points.

The Nielsen poll shows similar results.

It has Labor’s primary support sitting at 40 – up six points – and the coalition trailing behind on 35 – down five points.

If an election were held today, Labor would win government, according to the results.

In the Nielsen poll’s two-party preferred basis results, Labor has a 12 percentage point lead over the coalition.

The party is up four points, cruising on 56 per cent to the coalition’s 44 per cent.

The swing against the government has also translated to the preferred prime minister, with Mr Shorten enjoying an 11-point lead over Mr Abbott – 51 per cent to 40, according to Nielsen.

Fairfax-Nielsen polled 1400 people between May 15-17, while Newspoll surveyed 1157 people between May 16-17.