Queensland police say they may have uncovered another murder during their investigation into a man’s torso found on a roadside.

A second murder may have been uncovered by police investigating a charred man’s torso that was found on a southeast Queensland roadside.

The headless remains, with arms severed at the elbows and nothing left below the rib cage, were found burnt next to a road outside Gympie last September.

Police found more human remains in a nearby pine plantation in April and thought they belonged to the same person.

But Detective Inspector Bruce McNab says the latest grisly remains belong to a different person, meaning another murder may have been uncovered.

“Investigations into the discovery of both sets of human remains are continuing,” he said in a statement on Wednesday.

“We continue to appeal to anyone who has any information on either of these incidents to come forward.”

Police said the man whose torso was found was caucasian, aged between 25 and 50, and possibly on medication for high blood pressure.

Details about the possible second victim are unknown at this stage.