An out-of-control car has done two reverse 360s in a sleepy Brisbane shopping centre carpark, scraping and denting eight nearby cars.

An elderly woman has damaged eight parked cars after doing two reverse doughnuts in a Brisbane shopping centre carpark.

The 77-year-old was reversing out of a spot in Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre on Tuesday when she lost control of the car.

The car did two reverse 360s, scraping and denting seven nearby cars before crashing into another and coming to a halt.

Owner of the property company that runs the centre, Tam Avery, thinks the woman’s accelerator got stuck.

“She just went round in circles,” he told AAP.

“She was quite lucid afterwards and she said, `I definitely had my foot on the brake, I was trying to stop it spinning’.”

He said “sticky beaks” and emergency services were swarming the carpark afterwards, adding that the official response was probably a bit much.

“I’ve never seen so many coppers and firies and ambos in my entire life,” he said.

“I never expected to see such high drama on an otherwise sleepy day on the bayside.”