An inquest into the death of a veteran race car driver near Brisbane has been ruled out by Queensland’s deputy coroner.

Queensland’s deputy coroner has ruled out investigating the death of a veteran race car driver north of Brisbane last year.

The 66-year-old was killed in February 2013 after his Alfa Romeo slammed into the barrier during an amateur event at Lakeside Raceway at Kurwongbah.

A police investigation found the car’s accelerator pedal jammed, causing the driver to lose control and plough into the tyre wall at up to 96km/h.

The racing veteran of 50 years, referred to as C in the coroner’s report, suffered severe whiplash and died the following day from multiple injuries including to his head and neck.

Australia’s governing body for motor sport subsequently agreed to make head restraint devices mandatory for racing drivers by January 2015.

Deputy Queensland Coroner John Lock welcomed the decision in a recently published report and said there was no need for a coronial inquest.

Mr Lock said the circumstances of the fatal accident were known and safety recommendations had been adopted.