Queensland’s attorney-general is backing a government MP who says personal attacks in parliament disgust him.

Queensland’s attorney-general says every LNP member should be re-endorsed, including a government MP who slammed the deputy premier for attacking Clive Palmer in parliament.

MP Jason Woodforth has called for an end to personal attacks in parliament, after Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney last week used parliamentary privilege to accuse Mr Palmer of being a crook.

“It’s the back and forth barbs that still disgust me to this day,” Mr Woodforth told The Courier-Mail, saying behaviour in parliament must improve.

“I don’t think being a smart a*** is the way to go in parliament.”

Asked about the MP’s comments, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said parliament was a place for debate, adding Mr Woodforth had his support.

“He’s doing a great job in his local electorate,” Mr Bleijie told reporters on Tuesday.

“We’re going to support every LNP candidate that is currently a member of parliament and that runs again.”

MPs hoping to recontest their seats must still go through the pre-selection process at the branch level.

But Mr Bleijie’s comments are a show of faith in all sitting members, including Redlands MP Peter Dowling, who was last year forced to quit as chair of parliament’s ethics committee after he sent his mistress a photo of his penis in a wine glass.

Mr Dowling this week told Quest newspapers that he hoped to be re-endorsed as the LNP candidate for Redlands.

Late last month, independent MP Peter Wellington said he’d heard a number of Newman government MPs had been told by the LNP executive that they would not be re-endorsed.

Premier Campbell Newman said all MPs aspire to Mr Woodforth’s ideals, but it doesn’t always pan out that way on the floor of parliament.

He says it’s a pressure cooker atmosphere, and sometimes tempers boil over.

“Often the things that happen there aren’t well understood by the community, I have to say,” Mr Newman told Fairfax Radio.

“We spend most of our time talking about our plan to take Queensland forward, the only thing is, is that it is those little moments are the ones that do tend to get up.

“The media cover the more flamboyant parts of parliament.”