The Queensland premier has questioned the independence of the federal independent pay tribunal, after the prime minister requested a freeze.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has questioned the independence of the remuneration tribunal that sets federal MPs’ pay.

The tribunal on Monday froze the salaries of federal politicians and senior public servants for a year from July 1, after a last-minute request from Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Mr Abbott had been in line to pocket an extra $10,000 a year and backbenchers $3900 but he argued they should lead by example in a time of budget constraint.

The Queensland government faced pressure in March to reject massive pay hikes handed out by the state’s new independent pay tribunal.

Mr Newman’s annual salary rose by $67,525 and opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk scored an extra $79,464.

Despite the prime minister’s intervention, Mr Newman says he won’t be following his lead.

“It doesn’t sound like a very independent tribunal to me,” he said.

“We have an independent tribunal and Queensland politicians don’t set their own pay any more. That’s the way we set it up, that’s the way it’s going to be.”