Queensland’s opposition leader wants police to investigate if the head of the anti-corruption watchdog misled a parliamentary committee.

Queensland’s opposition has asked police to investigate the acting head of the state’s anti-corruption watchdog.

Ken Levy, the Crime and Misconduct Commission’s (CMC) acting chair, is already being investigated by a parliamentary committee.

The committee is looking into allegations he misled them about contact he had with the state government last year before writing a newspaper column in favour of the Liberal National Party’s controversial anti-bikie laws.

Labor has previously questioned Dr Levy’s independence, but Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk is now calling on Police Commissioner Ian Stewart to investigate whether he misled a parliamentary hearing, which is a criminal offence.

“It is the belief of many people that perhaps the current chair may have misled a committee,” she told ABC radio on Friday.

“These are such serious allegations that the police commissioner now will have to investigate those matters.”

The anti-graft body is being replaced by the Crime and Corruption Commission, under a new arrangement where commission appointments won’t be subject to approval from a bipartisan parliamentary committee.

Comment has been sought from the CMC.