Security staff at Robina Stadium had to deal with a pitch invader of a lethal snake variety in Monday’s NRL clash between the Titans and Cowboys.

Monday’s NRL match on the Gold Coast featured 13 Titans, 13 Cowboys and one three-foot long brown snake.

As Gold Coast and North Queensland battled for territory at Robina Stadium, there was one patch of ground where no-one was game enough to go near.

Fans in the south-east corner of the Titans’ home ground quickly fled their blue seats as the snake slithered across the turf minutes into the first half.

Stadium staff quickly cordoned off the area but were happy to open up the corner of the stadium once more when they worked out the snake had worked its way into a water pipe.

Almost as soon as the uninvited reptile had made his appearance a Twitter account with the handle @CbusSnake was already up and running, posting updates such as “just hanging at cbus… looking for rats”.

The match continued without interruption with the snake never appearing to actually go near the field of play.