A man who recently lost his wife in a car accident has serious injuries after opening a parcel bomb that was left at his Queensland home.

A Queensland man who recently lost his wife in a car crash has been seriously injured after opening a parcel bomb left on his doorstep.

Police say the man opened a parcel at his home on Owen St, Dalby, in the Darling Downs, at about 2.45pm on Tuesday.

Acting Inspector Terry McCullogh said bomb squad officers from Brisbane travelled to Dalby overnight to make the scene safe before nearby residents, who were evacuated, could return to their homes.

“Reports initially are that a gentleman at that address was handling an item that he found at the front of his residence and as he opened it, it exploded,” Insp McCullogh said.

He said the man was left with serious arm injuries and less serious injuries to his upper body and face.

The man’s wife died in a car accident in the past 12 months, Insp McCullogh said.

Detectives were unclear whether the explosive device was mailed to the man or left on his doorstep.

“He just found it at his front door,” he said.