A private radio network set up for security forces and emergency services during the G20 summit will eventually be rolled out across southeast Queensland.

A radio network has been set up for security forces and emergency workers for the G20 summit in Brisbane.

Queensland IT Minister Ian Walker says the secure Government Wireless Network will allow agencies to communicate instantly during the leaders’ meeting in November.

He says it’s a private digital network, which isn’t connected to public frequencies.

“The technology boasts impressive noise-cancelling and speech clarity features, which filter background noise to help ensure every word is heard during transmission, making sure the personal safety of our police and emergency services personnel is not compromised,” he said in a statement.

New portable radios, which are equipped with GPS-enabled duress alarms, are expected to be installed in 700 fire, ambulance and police vehicles by August.

The state government has announced a range of G20 security measures, including increased police powers, harsher punishments for protesters and mass criminal background checks on residents within the summit zone.

But civil libertarians have complained some of those measures have no twilight phase, meaning they could be permanent.

The government said the radio network would be introduced across southeast Queensland by 2016.