Police hold grave concerns for a 69-year-old driver whose vehicle was swept into a flooded river in a remote area of Cape York at the weekend.

Police divers from Brisbane will join the search for a man whose car was swept off a flooded causeway on Cape York three days ago.

Coen Sergeant Matthew Moloney says they hold “grave concerns” for the 69-year-old man but are still hopeful of finding him alive.

His only passenger made it to the river bank when their vehicle was washed downstream from the flooded crossing at Archer River, north of Coen, on Friday.

The fast-flowing river was about 80cm over the causeway when the Cape York men, who are related, attempted to cross it on Friday and has since been closed, Sgt Moloney said.

A police dive squad from Brisbane is expected to join the search on Tuesday after making the 12-hour journey by road from Cairns to Archer River.