The jobless rate remained at a decade high of six per cent in February.

The unemployment rate stayed at a decade high of six per cent in February, despite a strong rise in the number of people employed in the month.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data on Thursday showed the number of people in employment jumped by 47,300 in February, much stronger than the 10,000 increase expected by economists.

Full-time employment soared by a staggering 80,500 but was offset by a drop in part-time workers.

Economists had expected the unemployment rate to remain at six per cent.

However, both Treasury and the Reserve Bank expect the unemployment rate to rise further in coming months as the economy struggles to transition from a fading mining investment boom to broader based growth.

The unemployment rates in the nation’s two largest states, NSW and Victoria, were unchanged from the previous month at 5.8 per cent and 6.4 per cent respectively.

However, it rose to 6.2 per cent from 6.1 per cent in Queensland and to 6.7 per cent from 6.6 per cent in South Australia.

It also jumped in Western Australia to 5.9 per cent from 5.2 per cent.

In contrast, the Tasmanian jobless rate declined to 7.3 per cent from 7.5 per cent.

Falls were also recorded in the territories, dropping to 3.7 per cent from 3.9 per cent in the Northern Territory and to 3.4 per cent from 3.6 per cent in the ACT.