A Queensland MP says a new strip club goes against the Christian values held by many in Emerald.

A conservative Queensland MP is outraged a topless bar has morphed into a strip club in his outback electorate, arguing a woman’s body should be sacred.

LNP member for Gregory Vaughan Johnson, who described himself as a father of two daughters and grandfather of four granddaughters, is outraged the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation granted the adult entertainment permit to the Emerald Star.

The club doesn’t have a part in the town which has strong moral and Christian values, Mr Johnson told parliament, and a complaint to overturn the decision is imminent.

He pleaded with the Attorney-General and the Local Government minister to step in.

“Where has respect gone in society where we can see a bureaucrat make a decision to overrule local council, business, the church and a local member’s objections,” he told parliament.

“This is the degradation of the female body at its worst.

“The human body is the most sacred thing on this planet.

“And more than anything, the female body is more sacred than the male body.

“It is immoral and it is against what we stand for as fair minded family citizens (sic).

“It makes me absolutely sick that is allowed to go ahead in Emerald.”