A man shot dead on a Gold Coast street was involved in a punch-up in a car minutes before his death, a jury has heard.

A man gunned down on a busy Gold Coast street had earlier taunted his alleged killer for being a “pussy” and a bad shot, a jury has heard.

Colin Lutherborrow was shot dead on July 20, 2011, just 15 minutes after meeting his alleged killer, Anthony Stewart Bagley, the Supreme Court in Brisbane was told on Wednesday.

Crown prosecutor Vicki Loury said Mr Lutherborrow had been in a car with prostitute Claudia Guevara-Koulis and her husband George Koulis when they stopped to pick up Bagley to buy the drug speed.

The court heard Mr Lutherborrow, 36, had earlier spent two hours as a client with Ms Guevara-Koulis, and the couple were driving him home.

But when they picked up 41-year-old Bagley, a fight broke out in the car.

“He (Mr Lutherborrow) said he was the son of a Fink, a motorcycle club,” Ms Loury told the court.

“Mr Lutherborrow was swearing and calling Mr Bagley a pussy.

“At this point, Mr Lutherborrow threw a punch.

“One of them said, ‘I could have you killed’.”

The car swerved as the two men fought, and Ms Guevara-Koulis asked to get out at a nearby service station.

Her husband drove to a nearby intersection at Broadbeach Waters and ordered Mr Lutherborrow to get out of the car.

Mr Lutherborrow then threatened to kill Bagley, who fired a warning shot into the air, the court was told.

“‘You pussy, you can’t even shoot’,” Ms Loury quoted Mr Lutherborrow as saying.

Bagley then allegedly shot Mr Lutherborrow in the right armpit before getting back into the car and ordering Mr Koulis to drive away.

The court heard Mr Lutherborrow was left to die on the side of the road.

Witnesses heard two to three gunshots.

The trial before Justice Peter Lyons continues.