The Australian Medical Association Queensland has gagged its president over his support and signing of new state government contracts.

The head of Queensland’s peak medical body has been gagged over his support for individual medical contracts.

Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMAQ) president Dr Christian Rowan believes new state government contracts are in the interest of the public and visiting medical officers.

His views are at odds national AMA chief Dr Steve Hambleton and other AMAQ board members, who say the new contracts are not fair.

They believe the contracts will cause medical professionals to leave the public hospital system in droves and discourage those from interstate and overseas from working in Queensland.

However, Dr Rowan signed an individual contract and has continued to argue their merits.

The AMAQ voted last night to stop Dr Rowan from making public statements on its behalf.

Incoming AMAQ president Dr Shaun Rudd says Dr Rowan will remain as president.

“Because of Dr Rowan signing his contract despite the fact AMA Queensland was urging its members not do that, it felt a deal of conflict of interest there,” Dr Rudd told ABC Radio.

“AMA Queensland certainly believes that these contracts are unfair.”