A Queensland man who allegedly tried to poison his four-month-old daughter with his medication has sought access to his former partner, but failed.

A Queensland father charged with poisoning his baby daughter with anti-psychotic drugs and forcing her to swallow a 10 cent coin has failed in his bid to have his bail conditions varied.

The man was 19 and unemployed when he was charged with the attempted murder of a four-month old girl in August last year.

He was granted bail but on Monday applied to have his conditions varied so he could contact his former partner for Family Court purposes.

But Magistrate Paul Kluck upheld the bail conditions, which prevent him from contacting his former partner or daughter, and visiting their home at Morayfield, north of Brisbane.

“At this point the allegations are serious,” he said in Brisbane Magistrates Court.

The man’s defence lawyer Charlotte Smith had applied on his behalf for a supervised contact order.

“There’s no condition that the contact would be unsupervised,” she said.

But Steven Dickson, from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, opposed that application on the grounds the man could reoffend.

“The starting point is the defendant would present an unacceptable risk,” he said.

The court was previously told that the man, who cannot be named, needed drugs to treat attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

He had been on anti-psychotic drug pericyazine and the attention deficit disorder drug methylphenidate.