The Liberal National Party has lost the seat of Redcliffe, northeast of Brisbane, after winning it just two years ago.

The Liberal National Party has suffered a massive swing against it in the Redcliffe by-election and Premier Campbell Newman is heeding the warning.

The state election is a year away and if the 16 per cent swing suffered on Saturday night is repeated, the LNP would lose 43 seats and government.

However, other electorate aren’t haunted by disgraced former MP Scott Driscoll, whose improper business dealings and poor representation of the electorate helped thwart any chance the LNP had of retaining Redcliffe.

Although LNP candidate Kerri-Anne Dooley tried to run a campaign on local issues, unpopular wider LNP policies couldn’t be escaped.

Earlier in the day, Mr Newman was subjected to a tirade of abuse over anti-bikie laws, the lack of reef protection, possible asset sales and job cuts.

He said Mr Driscoll had a “big bearing” on the dismal result but shouldered some of the blame.

“We had a huge mess to clean up, to sort out the finances. Change is difficult and often complex and it comes with impacts across the community,” he said.

“We understand that many of you feel that perhaps we haven’t listened enough, that we have perhaps moved too quickly, we haven’t consulted you. I pledge to you this evening to listen to that message.

“We hear it and we will observe it and we will do things differently.”

Ms Dooley, a former Family First candidate and sister of the Commando from The Biggest Loser, hasn’t ruled out running again and the premier says she’d be welcome to do so.

“Even at five minutes to six tonight I had a lady in tears embracing me saying ‘please Kerri, if you don’t win please, please run again’. She was begging me,” Ms Dooley told the party faithful.

Labor’s Yvette D’Ath secured 56 per cent of the vote to Ms Dooley’s 44 per cent on a two party preferred basis, after 73 per cent of the vote was counted.

Independent Len Thomas got 11 per cent of the primary vote.

Labor will now hold eight seats in the 89-seat Queensland parliament.

Ms D’Ath will again represent the bayside, after she served two terms as federal member for Petrie, which includes Redcliffe.

“I believe it’s a very clear message to Campbell Newman that he has gone too far and people believe his government is arrogant,” she said.

“There are a lot of promises made by this government that they have not delivered on.

“If he does not, there is another election in 12 months and they will be held accountable.”

The electorate, northeast of Brisbane, has been without representation since November when Mr Driscoll quit after he was fined $90,000 for contempt of parliament over dodgy business dealings.