Police will provide dedicated security to the G20 finance ministers’ meeting in Sydney on the weekend, with no word yet on any protests.

Security has been ramped up for the G20 finance ministers’ meeting in Sydney this weekend.

US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, IMF chief Christine Lagarde, World Bank managing director Bertrand Badre, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, and Britain’s Chancellor George Osborne will attend the two-day summit.

Bomb, dog and tactical response squads will be on hand for security at key venues.

But police say it will not be the same numbers used in 2007’s APEC meeting, when sections of the city were sealed to the public.

“At this stage we haven’t heard anything about any protests, but it’s only Monday,” a police spokeswoman told AAP.

“Because it’s the finance ministers’ meeting there won’t be anything fenced off.

The G20 leaders’ meeting in Brisbane in November – with likely guests Barack Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel – will likely attract a bigger security operation.

In 2006 nine police officers were injured and nine people arrested during mass G20 protests in Melbourne.